The R40 EVO is a completely re-engineered range of wall mounted condensing boilers with outputs from 60kW to 140kW.

Benefits & Features

  • Wall mounted
  • 6 models (60 – 140 kW)
  • Pre-mix modulating
  • Highly efficient (up to 110 %)
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers

Low emissions and robust heat exchanger

An innovative flat metal fibre, cold flame burner technology with optimised combustion zone achieves extremely low NOx emissions of 36mg/kWh, which already comply with future Eco-design requirements. The R40 EVO series robust and corrosion free stainless steel heat exchanger with double-wall geometry allows superb heat transfer and constant high efficiency for entire lifecycle.

Incredible efficiency

The boiler series features excellent combustion efficiency in combination with low radiation losses, which are class leading for overall efficiency. Due to the low resistance within the heat exchanger geometry a significant reduction of electrical energy consumption of boiler pump is possible.

Flexible cascade systems

Extensive cascade arrangements for powerful and flexible systems facilitate quick installation of systems up to 1.1 MW, even in limited plant room space. Various cascade arrangements are available: In-line or back to back. The pre-fabricated rigs for single and cascade arrangements allow for easy transport and set up by only one person.