R600 EVO

The R600 EVO series of floor standing, pre-mix modulating, high efficient condensing boilers represents a significant step forward in heating technology. With extremely flexible configurations, clever design and a range of 7 models available, the boiler is perfect for a variety of commercial applications. Plus, extensive cascade arrangements of up to 8 boilers with a combined output of 4.560 kW are possible.

Benefits & Features

  • Floor standing
  • 7 models (150 – 570 kW)
  • Pre-mix modulating
  • Highly efficient (up to 109,7 %)
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers

Low emissions and highest thermal output

The boilers of the R600 EVO series achieve extremely low NOx and CO emissions by water-cooled cold flame burner and optimised combustion zone. The special heat exchanger design allows for impressive lifetime high efficiencies of up to 110 %, with the highest possible heat transfer provided by special hydroforming process for cooling tube fixation into sidewall.

Smart modular concept with compact dimensions

The smart modular concept of R600 EVO boiler series allows for easy installation also into buildings with restricted access. With its sectional heat exchanger design the boiler can be disassembled into smaller pieces for easy manoeuvring.

The range comprises 7 models from 150 to 570 kW with 2 widths (468,5 mm / 748,5 mm). All models are designed to pass through standard 760 mm wide doors to facilitate the installation process. Plus, adjustable feet allow for optimal levelling and adjustment when positioned.

Stunning flexibility for every application

The boilers of the R600 EVO series are compatible with higher buildings without need for hydraulic system separation due to 8 bar maximum water pressure. Plus, a 30 K flow/return temperature differential allows easy integration in complex systems, both in single and cascade applications. Its lightweight construction combined with low water content technology also allows for rooftop installation.